About the Artist

Gina Cannone, Fine Artist

received a Fine Arts degree from F.I.T. , NY, NY. She has been featured in NY New 1,  numerous magazines, and host/artist for a how-to art TV show in NY. Her talent ranges from traditional oil paintings to modern design.  She presently teaches art and shows at the Main Avenue Galleria, Ocean Grove, NJ. 

Gina Cannone, M.Ht., RMT., Author

Gina Cannone is also an author of two books. "IT'S TIME TO BELIEVE" in Angels, Spirit Guides and Yourself, and "AUTOMATIC TRANCE WRITING".  Along with her writings she is a holistic practitioner and intuitive spiritualist. 


is her newest creation.  This original piece is acrylic on canvas-inspired by all the fun and enjoyable places along the New Jersey Shore!  

Coming soon!  

Presently working on other Mermaid map shoreline destinations.